An Announcement From the Property Peddler Team

We are excited to announce we are now an independent real estate brokerage company. This will give us the opportunity to continue to grow and expand our company Property Peddler Inc. “an Auction and Real Estate Company” into the future. Property Peddler Inc. is owned and managed by Brad and Brenda Chandler.

In making this decision, not only will we be removing the confusion of being “Property Peddler powered by”, we will also be able to advertise both our Sparta and Hecker offices.  We want to let everyone know that Property Peddler has recently expanded its staff, locations, and services in both Auction and Real Estate endeavors.  Our services have now grown to include online personal property auctions. Additionally, we have begun a  Preferred Partnership with William Nobbe & Company, which will allow us to offer unique and individualized rewards to our clients. We are extremely excited about working with the Nobbe team!

While you will notice a change in our partnering logos on our advertising materials,  you will have the same great people working for you.  We and our staff assure you a streamlined transition as we move from a corporate brokerage to an independently owned brokerage.   While this corporate venture was a good learning experience and helped us grow even further as agents, we are excited to become an independent brokerage.  There have been some new laws in real estate that change the way teams advertise and market, so it became a clear decision that we needed to break away to allow us to continue working and doing what we enjoy.  We have been blessed with and worked for some awesome people and we are so appreciative for the good wishes and the excitement others have shown us, and for encouraging our independence!

The Property Peddler Team will continue to strive to give our clients the very best of our knowledge, experience, and service with all of the strength, integrity, and hard work we are known for!

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Support Your County and State Fairs!

Along with summertime comes county fair time. County fairs are food stands, tractor pulls, livestock shows, horse shows, fair queen pageants, local exhibits and amusement rides – something for everyone. They are a time for people to come together and show what it means to be a community. Fair week is a busy week for many families around the area as it takes a lot of work and time to put on a good fair and they take pride in doing so. County fairs also give FFA and 4H members a chance to display the projects they have worked hard on and a place to learn about selling their products and to experience what community spirit is. It’s enjoyable to watch these youth as they grow and mature from year to year. You see the progression of the young exhibitor, who was once so timid handling their animal when they first got into the show arena, develop into a young adult who not only handles their animal with experience and confidence, but is also willing to lend a hand to the younger generation. Seeing these kids grow up and watching their leadership skills develop is a lot of fun.


Make time to support your county fair and state fairs. Your attendance and support are an important part of what makes your community, a community. It is where people come together and work together for a common cause and where children learn to be future leaders and business people. If you get a chance to purchase an animal at an FFA and 4H livestock auction , you will be supporting local youth while also fostering growth and investment in the community.


Below is a list of some of the upcoming fairs to add to your calendar:


June 15 – 22 Perry County (Pinckneyville) – Livestock Auction Tues, June 18th at 6pm
July 9 – 13 Washington County (Nashville) – Livestock Auction Wed, July 10th at 6:30pm
July 12 – 20 Randolph County (Sparta)
July 14 – 20 Clinton County (Carlyle) – Livestock Auction Fri, July 19th at 7pm
July 21 – 28 Monroe County (Waterloo) – Livestock Auction Thurs, July 25th at 6pm
July 23 – 28 Madison County (Highland) – Livestock Auction Fri, July 26th at 7:30pm
August 2 – 4 St Clair County (Mascoutah) – Livestock Auction Sat, Aug 3rd at 7:30pm
August 23 – Sept 2 DuQuoin State Fair



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The Louis Mund Legacy

A Tribute to Louis Mund

“Doing something good is important. It just seems to me that helping kids is a good
cause, and Cardinal Glennon does a lot of great things,” said Lou Mund in a 2002 Glennon
Magazine profile.
Mr. Mund, who passed away on Nov. 13, 2017, was a devoted benefactor of SSM Health
Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital for 34 years as host of the Columbia Golf Classic. Future
generations of children will benefit from his generosity through his planning to bequeath a
portion of his estate to the hospital.
Mr. Mund was quiet, hard-working and successful. He grew up in Dupo, Ill., within sight
of the St. Louis skyline across the Mississippi River. He went to work when he was nine years
old, helping a farmer plant and harvest tomatoes.
During high school he took on mechanical repairs in his parents’ garage and at a farm
implement dealership. Then he was drafted and during the early 1950s he spent two years
repairing U.S. Army tanks in Germany. After returning home he opened a business to repair
automobiles, trucks and tractors.
His skills and honesty brought steady clientele and friendships with businessmen who
occasionally informed him of real estate opportunities. He bought a 2,000-acre farm and other
properties that railroads were divesting in small towns they no longer could serve.
Mr. Mund’s home on the Columbia bluffs and his river-bottom farmlands were part of the
Native American community. He collected Indian artifacts, arrowheads, hatchet heads, and other
implements) found on his property and assisted University of Illinois archeologists in research
that resulted in a significant book, The Mund Site.
He also will be remembered for his contributions to the history of SSM Cardinal Glennon
— the President’s Conference Room bears a plaque identifying it as “The Mund Room.”
In 1982 Mr. Mund diversified again, purchasing the Columbia Golf Course. At the urging
of a friend who served on the Cardinal Glennon Board of Governors, he began hosting the
annual Columbia Golf Classic in 1984.
He sold the course in 2001 but negotiated a caveat into the sale agreement. “The
extension of the golf event for Cardinal Glennon as long as I’m alive,” he said. “I’m pretty proud
of that tournament. I have no children. My wife had five miscarriages. I’m very thankful for all
my employees who helped make me successful. It’s given me some self-satisfaction to know that
I can share some of that success.”
The current owner of the golf course, Bill Hawn, is continuing Mr. Mund’s legacy to
SSM Cardinal Glennon’s kids. He donated the course for the 35th Annual Columbia Golf
Classic on Sept. 7.

–Author Unknown

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The Best Memories Are Made On The Farm




For some, farm life is part of the everyday fiber of the family.  For others, it might be where they grew up and would like to get back to and for others, it may have been a favorite place to visit as a child.


These memories are a double-edged sword for those of us in the rural real estate business.  Selling the family farm can get sticky, emotional and hard.  Arguments arise, and people will often find themselves in what feels like a battle both within themselves and with others.  Often times when selling land, they are selling something that has been in the family for quite some time and they have only one shot to make this the best sale possible for their family’s sake.  When making this decision, it is important to choose the right agent or auctioneer to help the family through this process.


Memories made on the farm are also where so many of the buyers come from.  They long to get back to the farm or in a country setting.   They want to have a place to create family memories with their children and grandchildren.  People also see it is an investment and cherish the time spent at the farm or on the land.  It is fun to have an investment you can truly stand on and watch your family enjoy for many years.   — Brenda Chandler

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The Benefits of a Land Survey



Although a survey is not required to sell land in Illinois, I would highly recommend it. A survey can help identify and solve problems that an owner did not know existed, but in time may cause issues.  We at Property Peddler see it so often.  Property will be purchased without a survey, then when this property or neighboring ground is sold, issue after issue will arise that were unknown or thought to be resolved when the property was originally purchased.  Some of the more common problems that occur include: not owning as much acreage as once thought, using land that is not rightfully owned due to a poorly written legal description, building encroachment, and easement issues due to a lack of clarity.  For example, an owner could have a 1/4 section of a 1/4 section which in theory should be a square 40 acres, but it could turn out the land is located in a “large” section or “small” section which means your square 40 is really +/- acres. (Legal descriptions often refer to Sections in a specified township. These sections are typically 1 square mile by 1 square mile containing 640 acres.  However, these section lines are based on a flat map and to make up for the curvature of the earth there are some “large” and “small” sections.)  A survey is a cost effective way to clearly understand what is being sold/purchased and hopefully prevent issues in the future.  The peace of mind that a survey can provide will make for a more confident buyer.  — Written by Brenda Chandler


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National Land Conference 2018

     Land professionals from across the country gathered to network with each other and discuss the latest in marketing, market trends, and the economy at the 2018 National Land Conference, in Nashville, TN.  My wife, Brenda, and I had the opportunity to attend this event and were excited to learn from the industry’s top leaders.  The discussions were very informative and covered topics including the Farm Bill, Conservation Easements, Environmental factors, 1031 exchanges, and the residential impact of land sales.  It is an ever-changing world that we live in and it is imperative we be aware of the changes.  The presentation given by an economist on his predictions for the future was enjoyable, as was listening to the perspectives of commercial agents that specialize in land development.  As a member myself, it was inspiring and humbling to meet the other members of the APEX 2018 Producers Club & seeing the top producers recieve thier awards.  Keller Williams had a strong showing with professionals from KW Land & KW Luxury division.  All in all, it was a great experience that gave us a fresh look on how to serve our clients and market their properties.  We look forward to using this information to keep improving on what we do.  —- Brad Chandler

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Benefits of a Licensed Illinois Real Estate Broker & Auctioneer

When you have a person that is licensed as both an auctioneer and real estate broker, you will find this person can add a different perspective and opportunity when selling your property.   There are situations when it is ideal to have an auction and other times when it is beneficial to do a listing.  Some of the factors that determine this include the urgency and price of the sale for the seller, time of the year, and if the property has a tenant.  It can be interesting to hear the opinion of someone that is experienced in both listings and auctions, and they can give you insight into what to do to be prepared for each type of sale.  It is also nice that a broker is legally allowed to negotiate outside of the auction if the situation deems necessary.  Many real estate brokers subscribe to many different resources that can be beneficial to their clients such as mapping programs, resources that have value comparables , and promotional programs.   If you are considering selling your property give us a call so we help you look at all the options you have.

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