Hemp and Cannabis in Today’s Agriculture

Last week Brad and Brenda Chandler had the opportunity to take a class hosted by Missouri REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI). They learned about Industrial Hemp and its Impacts on Real Estate from Kirk Goble.  Mr. Globe is the owner/broker of The Bell 5 Land Company and gave a detailed presentation on the history of cannabis in the U.S., how hemp will affect agriculture, and the investment opportunities for the hemp industry.
Hemp or Cannabis has been around for hundreds of years – it has been found in items such as clothing, ropes, and paper dating back to 8,000 BCE. Very forward-thinking historical figures saw the value in hemp and used it in many different products.
  • Early drafts of The Declaration of Independence were found on hemp paper.
  • The oil from the hemp seed was used in household lamps in 1840 by Abraham Lincoln.
  • Henry Ford built an experimental car body made with hemp fiber, and the fiber was found to be ten times stronger than steel. He also used Hemp Ethanol to power the auto.

Unfortunately, according to Mr. Goble, the hemp industry back in the mid-1930s was suppressed in the media by the influencers of that time which included William Randolph Hearst and the DuPont family.  William Hearst owned one of the largest newspapers in the country as well as huge forests of pulp trees used for making paper.  The DuPont family was involved in the chemical and textile business in the 1930s. They knew of hemp’s potential and how it could affect their profits in both industries, so they used their influence to lobby against its usage. Because of their spin on the maddening qualities of marijuana, they were able to pressure politicians to make hemp illegal in the US in 1937.  Although it is still used in other parts of the world for industrial purposes, hemp, for the most part, was replaced by plastic, cotton, fossil fuels, and other profitable products.  As the damage to the Earth has reached crisis proportions, however, the race is on to produce sustainable alternatives.Although hemp is classified as a weed, every part of the plant can be used.  Other interesting facts about the hemp plant include the ability to grow prolifically with little water and no pesticides, takes up relatively little space to grow, produces more pulp per acre than trees, and is biodegradable. Hemp crops also give back to the environment by returning nutrients to the soil and sequestering carbon dioxide.  In addition, it can be used for soil restoration as it soaks up the metals from the soil.   Hemp can grow basically where corn is grown, but the farmer will want to test the soil if the product is being grown for ingestion.    Also, there are a lot of different kinds of cannabis/hemp plants, and they can cross-pollinate easily.  Therefore, growers will not want to have fields of different varieties near each other.

While Federal laws have been slow to change, Marijuana laws across all 50 states are changing at a rapid pace, making things a bit confusing at times. “In order to keep up with the ever-changing laws, DISA has provided this interactive map for information on legalization, medical use, recreational use, and anything in-between” it can be found at –   According to some experts, changing these laws will also give relief within our overcrowded prison system; the question remains, however, if it will change for those who have been charged under the old laws.

With federal government slow to change the hemp/cannabis laws, the business is still primarily a cash business.  Believe it or not, this does not make things easy for business owners and employees. There is the concern that if the money is put in the bank then the FEDs could seize the money.  Also, there are banks that do not want anything to do with the money made from Hemp/Cannabis, which makes the purchase of real estate for such production difficult since all the money has to be wired in due to federal rules. It is our understanding that there are some banks that are starting to work with the people in this business, but not many.  Times are changing, however, and people are figuring out how to get things done.   We know before long the federal government will have to catch up with the laws of the states (which seems backward).  In the meantime, states like Colorado and Washington have passed state laws and implemented public education, for other states to follow, just like Illinois this year.
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Historic Home in a Commercial Location in Waterloo, Illinois

Sometimes it’s hard to picture what life was like long ago, but in Waterloo, Illinois, just walking a few blocks can transport you back to a simpler time. You can find historic homes and landmarks galore on almost every block in downtown Waterloo.  Federal and Georgian architectural styles and even a bit of Italianate styles can be found throughout the town.
Waterloo’s history begins in the 1780’s when the settlers formed the first permanent American settlement in the Northwestern Territory. In just a few short years, around 1800-1820, the population grew rapidly with many different settlers coming and going through the area. General stores, mills and even the quarry were being built, not to mention homes for families to live and grow in.
One home in particular, a single-story cabin, was being built on the northside of Waterloo in 1822 by Benjamin Marney for his pregnant wife.  Unfortunately, Benjamin contracted yellow fever in New Orleans and never met his unborn child Mahala. Twenty years later his daughter married George Ditch and moved back to the family farm.  During the time they lived at the homestead they transformed the cabin into the two-story structure that stands there today.
Over the years this two-story farmhouse has been converted into the Waterloo Winery and then in 2008 into J. Fires’ Market Bistro. The beautiful hardwood floors are still intact and the two-story fireplace makes quite the statement when you first walk into the room.  Spacious rooms provide an enjoyable setting to have dinner with family and friends. The potential for this property as an investment is immense. Opening up this historic property as an elegant bistro would make it the perfect destination for visitors from all around the St Louis area and neighboring towns.  Also, the cobblestone back patio provides a lovely area to gather on a warm summer day to enjoy a cool beverage.  Waterloo can be described as the perfect bedroom community for St Louis.  With its Microbreweries and fantastic restaurants, Waterloo is an easy overnight destination. The possibilities for this property are endless and the location is great.  Proof of the property’s great visibility is noted by the daily traffic count of approximately 11,900.
Combined Atlases of Monroe County Illinois – 1875-1901-1916. (1978). Unigraphic, Inc., Evansville, IN.
Rex, Nelson William. 1st edition (2011). Grand Legacy : A History of Monroe, County, Illinois. N.W. Rex.
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443 Executive Center: Spaces for Rent, Guest Speakers & Consignment Auctions

Last year Brad and Brenda Chandler finished the rehab work and opened the building next to Buchheit’s in Sparta IL. This building, known as the 443 Executive Center, has office space for rent complete with conference rooms, a full kitchen and a training seminar room that can hold a group of 40. While they still have their Property Peddler Inc office on Main Street in Hecker IL, they have also opened an additional Property Peddler Inc office at the 443 Executive Center.
The training seminar area located near the back of the 443 Executive Center building offers a great community space to hold events and training projects and is available to anyone in the area to rent.  Brad & Brenda currently have 3 guest speakers scheduled for January and February, but there are still plenty of open dates to book an event if you know someone who has information to share.
This Wednesday the 15th of January 2020 they have Attorney Rebbeca Cooper scheduled as a guest speaker talking about the importance of Proper Estate Planning vs Probate.  On the 25th of January 2020, they are hosting Brian Kimball to present a part of John Maxwell Team’s Youth Impact Exploratory Report and YouthMAX Self-Image Program to high school juniors & seniors – this is a fantastic opportunity as this highly acclaimed program is being offered as a FREE event.  In early February, guest speaker Attorney Mary Buettner will be discussing Will vs Trust – people work hard to acquire assets such as real estate and after they are gone from this earth they should have their legacy left in the order they intended.  For information on any of these events or to book your own event please call 877-473-2018.
Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Property Peddler Inc Online Consignment Auctions starting up again this spring at the 443 Executive Center.  Some of the items sold last year through these Online Consignment Auctions included farm equipment, boats, trucks, and cars.  People have been asking if these online consignment auctions are starting again and yes they are – very soon.  We will be accepting consignments starting late February and the auctions begin in March.  Multiple Online Consignment Auctions are planned throughout the year.   The items will be displayed on the 443 Executive Center lot not far from Buchheit’s in Sparta IL.  Give Brad Chandler a call at 618-791-3289 or call Property Peddler Inc at 618-473-2500 ext 101 for more details on the Online Consignment Auctions.
If you are looking for Property Peddler Inc – you will find members of the team or Brad and Brenda themselves, Monday thru Friday from 8 – 5 at one of two locations -126 N Main St in Hecker IL 62248 or 1811 North Market St in Sparta IL 62286 (the 443 Executive Center).


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January is National Radon Action Month. Test Your Home – Protect Your Health.

During January’s National Radon Action Month, the U.S. Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) urge all Americans to protect their health by testing their homes for radon.  Radon is a colorless, odorless, naturally occurring radioactive gas. Radon can seep into homes and buildings through cracks in the foundations or walls and can accumulate over time in homes that are not properly vented. Long-term exposure to indoor radon can be harmful to your health or even deadly.   As the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the U.S. and the first leading cause among non-smokers, radon claims more than 20,000 lives annually. If a high radon level is detected in your home, you can take steps to fix it to protect yourself and your family.
In Illinois, radon levels often come up as part of home inspections when people are selling real estate. It is not a required inspection but recommended.  The costs to have a basement mitigated if radon is found have often been under $1000 to repair.   You do not have to wait until you sell your property, however, to get it tested for radon.  Protect your health and get your home tested today.  Homes should also be retested every couple of years to make sure the air is still within safe levels.
If you are planning on building, ask your builder about what can be done to make sure you are breathing easy and have less worry about radon.
For more information about what you can do to protect your health and take action against radon during National Radon Action Month, please visit
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Opportunities for Bed & Breakfast, Small Venue Event Centers in Southern Illinois

Traveling this Holiday Season? Are you one of those people who enjoy staying at a Bed & Breakfast because they enjoy feeling like they are at home while traveling?  Do you know someone who has that home-keeping and party planning knack that would be able to host guests and events while making it all look easy? Currently, we have 4 homes that could be the perfect opportunity for someone to put these skills to use in a  self-employed career path. So if you are that person or know someone who fits that criteria check out these properties right here in Southern Illinois only a short distance from St. Louis, MO.
1) Collinsville IL – Easy Drive to STL and SIUE!
This home offers a perfect location with easy access to two Interstates (I255/270 and I55) and a short hop to St Louis or Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Currently is a home for two families as it functions as two homes in one with the setup of this atrium ranch home. The current owners who live here can testify how much they have enjoyed hosting events and gatherings in the large spaces and two kitchens.  With the number of bedrooms, the layout of the home and finished garage space a person could easily convert this to a Bed & Breakfast or event center for small private gatherings such as company Christmas parties.
2) DuQuoin IL  – Historic home in the heart of Southern IL
This Bed and Breakfast is located in the heart of Southern Illinois. A classic full front porch with plenty of space to read and relax, watch the neighbors stroll by, or enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and watch the twinkling Christmas decorations. The scene can be set for a romantic weekend getaway complete with a large wooden swing under the pergola in a secluded wooded yard in Perry county. Or help create memories like a private proposal for young couples right next to the Koi pond in the backyard oasis. This investment property is just minutes from the Grand Theatre, the Du Quoin State Fair, and the Red Hawk Golf Course for any guests looking for other local entertainment. Great opportunities to bring together other members of the community such as St. Nicholas Brewing Company by hosting a Beer and Wine Pairing Dinner featuring your food and their drinks.  Events such as this could become a monthly recurrence. The possibilities for revenue flow on this property are endless not only with the 5 guest rooms but also with the entertaining spaces.
3) Waterloo IL – Fantastic bedroom community of St Louis with so many great small businesses
A fantastic find for anyone looking to launch a new restaurant or winery located just minutes from St. Louis, Mo. Waterloo is a fast-growing community that has roots in providing a safe environment for families while growing it’s local businesses. This historic 2 story brick home was used commercially as a high-end restaurant and winery. Many locals frequented the restaurant seeking out a casual sit down meal and plenty of businesses took advantage of the spacious rooms to host meetings and events. Anyone looking to branch out with their culinary skills or entertaining knowledge in an area like Monroe county should check out the southern charm of this property on North Market St in Waterloo, Illinois.
4) Pinckneyville IL – Check out this property that comes with the option to purchase two homes on one property.
If you are a fan of any of the reality TV shows this home is something straight from the pages of HGTV. Any couple looking to start their lives and build a family on a modest farm with acreage would fall in love with this house and land. A great family home with areas for kids to be kids and adults to be kids also. Start a small hobby farm just a few miles from the Perry County Fairgrounds – get a few chickens or a couple of rabbits to start the kiddos on the 4-H path. A wonderful investment for anyone looking to purchase two homes on one property as this Pinckneyville home comes with an additional home with acreage. This is a great option for someone looking to live in one home and Airbnb out the additional house. Many guests would love the opportunity to sit and relax on the spacious front porch swing or fish from the pond just yards from the patio doors. A great investment property for families wanting to have the camping experience by being only a few miles from the Pyramid State Recreation Area but still close to the comforts of home.
All of these properties have great investment potential for the right person looking to start the next chapter of their lives, be their own boss, or grow creatively through a new business adventure. You could be a new business owner in any one of these growing communities. Contact the Property Peddler Inc Team today to schedule your appointment.
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Season of Gratitude

Another year goes by and here we find ourselves back in the season of Thanksgiving, in the season of gratitude. And yes this year we have so much to be thankful for. Brad gets asked on a daily basis “How are you?” “How’s the family?” “How’s everything going?” and without skipping a beat he always tell people “My kids are healthy, my wife is happy and currently I have enough money to cover my bills – what more can I ask for?” But the reality is we are thankful for so much more. The year has been such a blessing because of our fantastic clients who are always revolving in our lives, creating new friendships and the new opportunities that walk in our doors or call us on the phone.

We are also so grateful for our Property Peddler Team. We are proud to say we have a great group of people that help us service our clients. To be able to have a team that works so hard for us by putting forth the effort and ideas to help make everything move forward. We couldn’t be more pleased in the teamwork that each and everyone brings to the table. They help us grow and go beyond the call.

So at this, at the beginning of the Holiday Season, we wanted to thank everyone for allowing Property Peddler to serve them and also for the friends and past clients who have continued to give our name as a referral. We are ever so thankful for your business, trust, and friendship.

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How to be Prepared to Bid at an Auction

6 Steps on how to be prepared to bid at an auction.

People who have never bid before at an auction may be intimidated to place their first bid at a real estate auction. But no worries, we have 6 excellent steps to help you bid with confidence to obtain that new property for a future home, hunting ground, or investment. Here are a few things to consider when bidding.
1. Fees
Know what fees are involved beyond the final bid. Almost all auctions have costs beyond the final bid. Some are the standard closing costs associated with buying Illinois real estate, sometimes (not always) there is a buyer’s premium tacked on to the final bid to get the final purchase price, sometimes there will be a survey fee that will be collected at the closing of the sale.
2. Earnest money
Have an understanding of how much you will need to have as a deposit the day of the sale. Please know that this earnest money could be a non-refundable deposit so it is important to do due diligence. We never want to see your hard-earned money lost.
3. Understand the terms
Reading the terms and conditions is very important – if they raise concerns or questions for you it is a good idea to reach out to the auctioneer. This is often where you will find out about possession, fees, and any closing deadlines. As we mentioned in Earnest Money, you want to be clear because your deposit may be non-refundable. Be sure you completely understand the specific terms and conditions spelled out in the writing on your contract.
4. Financing
Have your financing in order! Know what you can spend the day of the auction. IF you are a cash buyer you most likely know cash is easiest. But if you are getting a loan, make sure you and your lender have had a conversation before the auction about how much you can spend. It is also important to know you can get the money on time. Simply verify that the down payment required by your lender is in the bank and you are ready to go.
5.Inspect the property
Inspections are the responsibility of the purchaser, that’s you! You do not want to be the winning bid and then find out the property is not what you thought it would be. We can’t say it enough research, research, research.
6. Inspect the title work
It is a good idea to see if the auctioneer has a preliminary title report prior to the sale for you to inspect. What is a preliminary title report? Well, it’s an offer to issue a policy of title insurance covering a particular estate or interest in land subject to stated exceptions. IF something on that report raises concerns it is good to consult the title company or an attorney to decide what the next steps are.
Armed with this information, you can be better prepared to bid with confidence at the auction. Think of this as a small checklist into a lifetime investment. Remember, Property Peddler Inc is always available to help our clients and future clients with all the in’s and out’s of land auctions and real estate. We go beyond the call.
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Collaborative Land Auction Event

Collaborative Land Auction is scheduled for Thursday, November 14th, 2019.  It’s a collaborative between Barber Murphy and Property Peddler Inc.  6 different properties will be auctioned that evening with online bidding available before the sale. Some of the properties have been listed in the past, but the prices that the properties were listed at before are not a reflection of the current reserves.  Do not miss this opportunity to get your bid in.  There is even property in this auction that has not hit the market before.  The properties all have different potential uses and are located in St Clair County, IL and Madison County, IL.  The properties that are being offered are as follows –

Property 1: 97+/- acres in Madison County between Collinsville and Maryville near the Highway 159 and Interstate 55-70 exchange. Only 16 minutes to St Louis. This gently rolling farm has a mix of wooded and tillable land offering some beautiful terrain and excellent deer hunting.  Offered as 3 tracts.
Tract 1A – 60 +/- acres – 39 +/- tillable acres with a wooded waterway and the remains of an old farmstead on the property.
Tract 1B- 7 +/- acres – Mostly tillable land with frontage on Troy Rd and Hilltop Ln. Great building site.
Tract 1C – 30 +/- acres – 16+/- tillable acres with a pond, pole barn, and grain bin.
This property is going to be offered as individual tracts or in a combination of, but cannot be combined with another property.
PROPERTY VIEWING for Property 1: Saturday, Nov. 2nd, from 10am – 12pm

Property 2: 109 +/- acres in St Clair County offered as 1 tract.  Development/ Farmland – 78.47 tillable acres with wooded creek line that has low water crossings in place. There are approximately 560 feet of Road Frontage on Scott Troy Road. The property address is 846 Scott Troy Road Lebanon, IL.  This property is in O’Fallon District #90 & #203 with a Lebanon Address.  Water Provider – City of O’Fallon.
PROPERTY VIEWING for Property 2: Friday, Nov. 1st from 4pm – 6pm

Property 3:  11.20 acres divided into (8) 1.4 acre Commercial Lots Ready for Development in Madison County.  GREAT OPPORTUNITY – Get your bids in on these lots.  Sites are located in United Business Plaza, Zoned BP-3 – All Utilities Available. Excellent Location.  Join National Retailers & easy access to Interstates 55/70/255 & IL Route 157.  Also easy access to miles of bike trails. Level land not far from Horseshoe Lake Rd & IL 157 intersection. Each lot measures approximately 225′ (road frontage) x 271′ deep.  This property is going to be offered as 8 individual tracts or in a combination of, but cannot be combined with another property.

Property 4:  75 +/- acre Industrial Development Site adjacent to Alton & Southern RR in St Clair County with all utilities available. Tillable land with 8071L Darwin silty clay, 0 to 2 percent slopes – PI of 111.  Road Frontage is 770′ , Depth is 1770′.  Located 1 mile east of IL Route 111, 3.5 miles north of I-64, and 3.7 Miles South of I-55.  Joins Government owned ground that makes up Cahokia Mounds.  Offered as 1 tract.

Property 5:  57 +/- wooded acres in St Clair County at Belleville, IL.  Access through the Oak Hill Estates Subdivision. Property is in Belleville Township School District 201.  Offered as 2 tracts.
Tract 5A:  24+/- acres – Wooded.  Easement off of Timberwood Drive.
Tract 5B:  33+/- acres – Mostly wooded.  Easement off of Turnberry Road onto the property.
This property is going to be offered as individual tracts or in combination of, but cannot be combined with another property.
PROPERTY VIEWING  for Property 5:  Sunday, Nov. 3rd from 12pm – 2pm

Property 6:  80 +/- acres located in rural St. Clair County.  Residential development opportunity.  Approximately 65+/- acres tillable. The gently rolling land would make very scenic building sites. Millstadt Grade School & Belleville West High School.  Offered as 3 tracts.
Tract 6A: 12 +/- acres – Mostly tillable with road frontage on Clover Leaf School Road, private drive to the west. Possible building site or investment.

Tract 6B: 28 +/- acres with 21+/- acres tillable.  Excellent building site.  The topography of this land gives it many uses – build a home, a lake, or just hunt it.  Wooded creek line.
Tract 6C: 40 +/- acres with 33+/- acres tillable.  Excellent building site and personal hunting property.  Possible investment.
This property is going to be offered as individual tracts or in combination of, but cannot be combined with another property.

PROPERTY VIEWING for Property 6:  Sunday, Nov. 3rd from 3pm – 5pm

The event will be held at Four Points by Sheraton Conference Center, 319 Fountains Parkway, Fairview Heights, IL 62208, and will start at 6 pm on Thursday, Nov 14th, 2019.   It is important to be on time for the opening announcements as all announcements made the day of sale by the Auctioneer will take precedence over all printed or spoken information made prior.    See complete term and conditions of the auction at

We are excited that Barber Murphy and Property Peddler are able to host this event and look forward to meeting you.  Don’t miss the upcoming property viewings or give us a call to schedule your private viewing. You can call the auctioneer Brad Chandler at 618-791-3289

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An Announcement From the Property Peddler Team

We are excited to announce we are now an independent real estate brokerage company. This will give us the opportunity to continue to grow and expand our company Property Peddler Inc. “an Auction and Real Estate Company” into the future. Property Peddler Inc. is owned and managed by Brad and Brenda Chandler.

In making this decision, not only will we be removing the confusion of being “Property Peddler powered by”, we will also be able to advertise both our Sparta and Hecker offices.  We want to let everyone know that Property Peddler has recently expanded its staff, locations, and services in both Auction and Real Estate endeavors.  Our services have now grown to include online personal property auctions. Additionally, we have begun a  Preferred Partnership with William Nobbe & Company, which will allow us to offer unique and individualized rewards to our clients. We are extremely excited about working with the Nobbe team!

While you will notice a change in our partnering logos on our advertising materials,  you will have the same great people working for you.  We and our staff assure you a streamlined transition as we move from a corporate brokerage to an independently owned brokerage.   While this corporate venture was a good learning experience and helped us grow even further as agents, we are excited to become an independent brokerage.  There have been some new laws in real estate that change the way teams advertise and market, so it became a clear decision that we needed to break away to allow us to continue working and doing what we enjoy.  We have been blessed with and worked for some awesome people and we are so appreciative for the good wishes and the excitement others have shown us, and for encouraging our independence!

The Property Peddler Team will continue to strive to give our clients the very best of our knowledge, experience, and service with all of the strength, integrity, and hard work we are known for!

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Support Your County and State Fairs!

Along with summertime comes county fair time. County fairs are food stands, tractor pulls, livestock shows, horse shows, fair queen pageants, local exhibits and amusement rides – something for everyone. They are a time for people to come together and show what it means to be a community. Fair week is a busy week for many families around the area as it takes a lot of work and time to put on a good fair and they take pride in doing so. County fairs also give FFA and 4H members a chance to display the projects they have worked hard on and a place to learn about selling their products and to experience what community spirit is. It’s enjoyable to watch these youth as they grow and mature from year to year. You see the progression of the young exhibitor, who was once so timid handling their animal when they first got into the show arena, develop into a young adult who not only handles their animal with experience and confidence, but is also willing to lend a hand to the younger generation. Seeing these kids grow up and watching their leadership skills develop is a lot of fun.


Make time to support your county fair and state fairs. Your attendance and support are an important part of what makes your community, a community. It is where people come together and work together for a common cause and where children learn to be future leaders and business people. If you get a chance to purchase an animal at an FFA and 4H livestock auction , you will be supporting local youth while also fostering growth and investment in the community.


Below is a list of some of the upcoming fairs to add to your calendar:


June 15 – 22 Perry County (Pinckneyville) – Livestock Auction Tues, June 18th at 6pm
July 9 – 13 Washington County (Nashville) – Livestock Auction Wed, July 10th at 6:30pm
July 12 – 20 Randolph County (Sparta)
July 14 – 20 Clinton County (Carlyle) – Livestock Auction Fri, July 19th at 7pm
July 21 – 28 Monroe County (Waterloo) – Livestock Auction Thurs, July 25th at 6pm
July 23 – 28 Madison County (Highland) – Livestock Auction Fri, July 26th at 7:30pm
August 2 – 4 St Clair County (Mascoutah) – Livestock Auction Sat, Aug 3rd at 7:30pm
August 23 – Sept 2 DuQuoin State Fair



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The Louis Mund Legacy

A Tribute to Louis Mund

“Doing something good is important. It just seems to me that helping kids is a good
cause, and Cardinal Glennon does a lot of great things,” said Lou Mund in a 2002 Glennon
Magazine profile.
Mr. Mund, who passed away on Nov. 13, 2017, was a devoted benefactor of SSM Health
Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital for 34 years as host of the Columbia Golf Classic. Future
generations of children will benefit from his generosity through his planning to bequeath a
portion of his estate to the hospital.
Mr. Mund was quiet, hard-working and successful. He grew up in Dupo, Ill., within sight
of the St. Louis skyline across the Mississippi River. He went to work when he was nine years
old, helping a farmer plant and harvest tomatoes.
During high school he took on mechanical repairs in his parents’ garage and at a farm
implement dealership. Then he was drafted and during the early 1950s he spent two years
repairing U.S. Army tanks in Germany. After returning home he opened a business to repair
automobiles, trucks and tractors.
His skills and honesty brought steady clientele and friendships with businessmen who
occasionally informed him of real estate opportunities. He bought a 2,000-acre farm and other
properties that railroads were divesting in small towns they no longer could serve.
Mr. Mund’s home on the Columbia bluffs and his river-bottom farmlands were part of the
Native American community. He collected Indian artifacts, arrowheads, hatchet heads, and other
implements) found on his property and assisted University of Illinois archeologists in research
that resulted in a significant book, The Mund Site.
He also will be remembered for his contributions to the history of SSM Cardinal Glennon
— the President’s Conference Room bears a plaque identifying it as “The Mund Room.”
In 1982 Mr. Mund diversified again, purchasing the Columbia Golf Course. At the urging
of a friend who served on the Cardinal Glennon Board of Governors, he began hosting the
annual Columbia Golf Classic in 1984.
He sold the course in 2001 but negotiated a caveat into the sale agreement. “The
extension of the golf event for Cardinal Glennon as long as I’m alive,” he said. “I’m pretty proud
of that tournament. I have no children. My wife had five miscarriages. I’m very thankful for all
my employees who helped make me successful. It’s given me some self-satisfaction to know that
I can share some of that success.”
The current owner of the golf course, Bill Hawn, is continuing Mr. Mund’s legacy to
SSM Cardinal Glennon’s kids. He donated the course for the 35th Annual Columbia Golf
Classic on Sept. 7.

–Author Unknown

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