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Property Peddler & Keller Williams Join Forces in Illinois

Acreage Home Real Estate

How exciting.  We have made the change to the #1 name in Real estate – Keller Williams and will be working with the Keller Williams Farm Division.  We have been selling rural real estate for over 15 years now and many know us from our years of selling with another company. We are excited to launch our new auction and real estate group with the website and the fine people at Keller Williams Marquee.  We are now also putting focus on residential listings by having agents that will specialize in homes and knowing this market. We are hoping to keep adding brokers and auctioneers to our group to help you with your every real estate and auction need.   Thanks for taking the time to look around and feel free to give us a call to see if we can serve you.

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Benefits of a Licensed Illinois Real Estate Broker & Auctioneer

When you have a person that is licensed as both an auctioneer and real estate broker, you will find this person can add a different perspective and opportunity when selling your property.   There are situations when it is ideal to have an auction and other times when it is beneficial to do a listing.  Some of the factors that determine this include the urgency and price of the sale for the seller, time of the year, and if the property has a tenant.  It can be interesting to hear the opinion of someone that is experienced in both listings and auctions, and they can give you insight into what to do to be prepared for each type of sale.  It is also nice that a broker is legally allowed to negotiate outside of the auction if the situation deems necessary.  Many real estate brokers subscribe to many different resources that [ ]

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