What is my property worth?  This is a question that agents often get asked.  While it seems like a straightforward question that could be answered quickly, there are many factors to consider when looking at the value of a property.  How the land lays, soil type, timber value, location, the past care of the property, existing leases or easements, past sales and what is on the market today are just some of the factors to consider.  Also, an agent really needs to view and be on the property to fully determine its value.  While there is a lot that a person can get from maps or a brief drive by, you do not get the full perspective until you walk the property.

The Property Peddler Team consults numerous resources to determine the value of a property. From multiple mapping systems to land sales bulletins to the MLS’s, these are just some of the tools we utilize to help come up with a fair value for your property.   When looking at past sales, whether sold by a realtor thru a multiple listing system or at an auction, we are often able to track down the transaction.

In addition to being realtors, Brad is also an auctioneer and we have experience selling various properties from a single family home in town to hundreds of acres of ground.  Given our experiences, we have seen what can cause the value of property to move both higher and lower.  We will put the time and effort in that is takes to give you an accurate and honest Market Analysis.  Another advantage to having us do a Market Analysis is that we can help identify issues that may be present with the property and help come up with possible solutions before putting it up for sale.

Understand that this will be a market analysis, not an appraisal. While we do not have any appraisers on staff, we do work with them on a regular basis. Appraisers cannot project what something may sell for; they mostly look at comparisons of prior sales. Past sales do not always reflect the current market. We can help you understand how land values are trending now. Please fill out the questionnaire and let us help you understand the value of your real estate.

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