The Benefits of a Land Survey



Although a survey is not required to sell land in Illinois, I would highly recommend it. A survey can help identify and solve problems that an owner did not know existed, but in time may cause issues.  We at Property Peddler see it so often.  Property will be purchased without a survey, then when this property or neighboring ground is sold, issue after issue will arise that were unknown or thought to be resolved when the property was originally purchased.  Some of the more common problems that occur include: not owning as much acreage as once thought, using land that is not rightfully owned due to a poorly written legal description, building encroachment, and easement issues due to a lack of clarity.  For example, an owner could have a 1/4 section of a 1/4 section which in theory should be a square 40 acres, but it could turn out the land is located in a “large” section or “small” section which means your square 40 is really +/- acres. (Legal descriptions often refer to Sections in a specified township. These sections are typically 1 square mile by 1 square mile containing 640 acres.  However, these section lines are based on a flat map and to make up for the curvature of the earth there are some “large” and “small” sections.)  A survey is a cost effective way to clearly understand what is being sold/purchased and hopefully prevent issues in the future.  The peace of mind that a survey can provide will make for a more confident buyer.  — Written by Brenda Chandler


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