The Legacy of Edward Lee Hardin: The man behind the collection of Militaria and War Memorabilia

🎖️🔥 Dive into history with us! Behind every collection lies a story waiting to be uncovered. The upcoming Militaria & War Memorabilia Auction features items from the estate of Edward Lee Hardin, a WWII US veteran and lifelong military enthusiast.

Hailing from Kewanee, MO, Hardin served in Italy during WWII, and his passion for military history only grew from there. His family has graciously shared some of his tales, adding a personal touch to the remarkable pieces up for auction.  Listen to his story here

And do not miss the upcoming auction – from coins & currency to uniforms, edged weapons to firearms & ammunition, explore the diverse range of collectibles representing American, Japanese, and German military cultures.

Mark your calendars: 📅 Auction Bidding Begins: Friday, March 1st @ 4PM 📅 Auction Closes: Tuesday, March 19th @ 10AM

Join us as we honor Hardin’s legacy and delve into the rich history behind each item. Don’t miss this chance to own a piece of wartime heritage! #MilitaryHistory #Auction #WWIIVeteran 🌟🔍