Property Peddler Inc. Offers Unique Hotel/Restaurant for Sale: Paranormal Activity may be Included!

Prepare yourself for the imminent arrival of the spooky season! Some of us get excited as Halloween candy and decorations make their way onto store shelves. But wait, we have an interesting tale about one of our listings to share, entwined with the haunting essence of the season. Welcome to the Original Springs Hotel in Okawville, IL – a place that has caught the attention of Ghost Hunters (Season 12 Episode 7).

As a cornerstone of Okawville, the Original Springs Hotel has long embraced weary travelers passing through St. Louis or Springfield, offering a chance to unwind in its blissful mineral spas. The hotel initially opened its doors in 1867 but was tragically consumed by fire in 1891. However, the locals refused to let their crown jewel disappear forever. Rising from the ashes, a new building emerged in 1893, standing proudly to this day. It all began when Rudolph Plegge, a skilled tinsmith, joined forces with a neighboring farmer to create a bathhouse, unveiling the mineral springs’ therapeutic wonders for the first time in September 1868. The healing properties of the water were brought to light by Anna Schierbaum in 1884. She fervently claimed that the mineral springs cured her ailments, inspiring her husband to open the hotel’s doors on Easter Sunday in 1887. The venture proved to be a resounding success.

Nowadays, the Original Springs Hotel boasts an array of amenities, including the indoor pool built in 1963, the mineral spas, a delightful restaurant, a pub, and an enigmatic presence…ghosts. Yes, you read that correctly! For all the ghost hunters out there, this spooky haven is the place to be. The spirits that roam the Original Springs Hotel have left an indelible mark, ably documented by the intrepid hosts of Ghost Hunters. From objects mysteriously shifting behind unsuspecting staff to ethereal apparitions wandering the premises, the supernatural occurrences are simply spine-tingling. And that’s not all! Guests have also reported their fair share of uncanny experiences. Many brave souls specifically request rooms on the third floor, rumored to be a hotspot for ghostly encounters.

Despite the spectral residents, the Original Springs Hotel continues to operate, cared for by its current owners who have lovingly attended to it for the past 34 years. Some believe that the lingering spirits may be the hotel’s previous caretakers, seamlessly working alongside the present owners throughout the years. If you are intrigued by the prospect of cohabiting with these ethereal entities, the Original Springs Hotel is now up for sale at the price of $730,000. It has served as a destination for countless souls over the years and awaits a new guardian who doesn’t mind a touch of “spiritual” assistance.

Get ready to embark on a mysterious adventure at the Original Springs Hotel. Who knows what chilling encounters await in the realm where past and present converge?