Last year Brad and Brenda Chandler finished the rehab work and opened the building next to Buchheit’s in Sparta IL. This building, known as the 443 Executive Center, has office space for rent complete with conference rooms, a full kitchen and a training seminar room that can hold a group of 40. While they still have their Property Peddler Inc office on Main Street in Hecker IL, they have also opened an additional Property Peddler Inc office at the 443 Executive Center.

The training seminar area located near the back of the 443 Executive Center building offers a great community space to hold events and training projects and is available to anyone in the area to rent. Brad & Brenda currently have 3 guest speakers scheduled for January and February, but there are still plenty of open dates to book an event if you know someone who has information to share.

This Wednesday the 15th of January 2020 they have Attorney Rebbeca Cooper scheduled as a guest speaker talking about the importance of Proper Estate Planning vs Probate. On the 25th of January 2020, they are hosting Brian Kimball to present a part of John Maxwell Team’s Youth Impact Exploratory Report and YouthMAX Self-Image Program to high school juniors & seniors – this is a fantastic opportunity as this highly acclaimed program is being offered as a FREE event. In early February, guest speaker Attorney Mary Buettner will be discussing Will vs Trust – people work hard to acquire assets such as real estate and after they are gone from this earth they should have their legacy left in the order they intended. For information on any of these events or to book your own event please call 877-473-2018.

Also, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Property Peddler Inc Online Consignment Auctions starting up again this spring at the 443 Executive Center. Some of the items sold last year through these Online Consignment Auctions included farm equipment, boats, trucks, and cars. People have been asking if these online consignment auctions are starting again and yes they are – very soon. We will be accepting consignments starting late February and the auctions begin in March. Multiple Online Consignment Auctions are planned throughout the year. The items will be displayed on the 443 Executive Center lot not far from Buchheit’s in Sparta IL. Give Brad Chandler a call at 618-791-3289 or call Property Peddler Inc at 618-473-2500 ext 101 for more details on the Online Consignment Auctions.

If you are looking for Property Peddler Inc – you will find members of the team or Brad and Brenda themselves, Monday thru Friday from 8 – 5 at one of two locations -126 N Main St in Hecker IL 62248 or 1811 North Market St in Sparta IL 62286 (the 443 Executive Center).