Mandrell Estate Auction Closing

Tomorrow the online auction for the Mandrell Estate will be closing down.    Final bidding starts at 9 am, Wed January 5th.

Errol Don & Donna Mandrell lived at 451 N. Crawford in Tilden, IL.  Errol Don had a nice workshop with all kinds of tools and Donna had many handmade blankets, hats, etc.  There are all kinds of collectables, household items, appliances plus two very nice vehicles and a lawnmower.    Also selling is the  3 bedroom, two bath home with two car garage on a half acre lot in Tilden IL

The auction starts with the home selling at 9 am – until bidding ends.  There are set times for appliances and vehicles to close. The remaining personal property also starts to close at 9 am with staggered intervals.    If you are interested in more than one item it might be worth using the watch feature and /or setting your max bids as more than one item may be closing at the same time.   If you are interested you are welcome to come to the Sparta Office for the auction closing and we can try to assist you in bidding.  Click to view the Mandrell Estate Auction.

PICK UPS & PAYMENTS for personal property in this auction will be finalized on a strict schedule of TWO DAYS.

Pick up times:
Wednesday, Jan. 5th, from 12 noon – 5 PM
Thursday, Jan 6th, from 8 AM – 5 PM

All ITEMS can be picked up and paid for at:
451 N. Crawford 
Tilden, Illinois 62292

Pick-up Times are FIRM. We do not have the staff to have a team member stationed at the location after these two days, nor will we make several trips. BRING YOUR OWN PACKING MATERIALS AS PACKING AND LOADING ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.