Updated Information for Consignors This Season

We are approaching the new consignment auction season with excitement and a fresh motivation to have the best season yet!  Considering that we have only been doing consignment auctions for a few years, we are very proud of the way that our auctions have grown.  We are also fortunate to have so many clients (both bidders and consignors) that are great to work with.

Every year we strive to become better with our consignment auctions.  We appreciate our clients’ understanding and willingness to accept the changes we implement as we try to constantly improve.  Since we may have limited staff at times for unloading & check in, we ask that sellers make an appointment ahead of time.  We’ve had a great response from our consignors regarding this issue and we appreciate their understanding.  This year, we will continue to ask consignors to make appointments for drop-offs to make the process run more efficiently.

We have added a few new changes for consignors in hopes that we can keep improving on the quality of the items in our auctions. We ask that items have a resale value of at least $50.  Although it is sometimes hard to determine the value of an item, that is the guideline we are using.  After evaluating the time and labor spent on individual lots per auction, we have made the following adjustments to our consignor contract:

  • Reserves of $50 or more are welcome. No reserves will be set at less than $50.
  • $15.00 Minimum Commission PER LOT
  • $15.00 No Sale Fee PER LOT
  • Selling Price of $199 or below = 30% Consignment Fee or a minimum of $15.00
  • Selling Price of $200 to $999 = 15% Consignment Fee (No Change)
  • Selling Price of $1,000 to $4,999 = 10% Consignment Fee (No Change)
  • Selling Price of $5,000+ = 5% Consignment Fee (No Change)
  • We will not negotiate on items that did not meet reserve if the item is under $100, unless it is very close to meeting the reserve.
  • For safety purposes, if our shed gets too full to accept any more items without it being hazardous, we may cut off shed-kept items earlier than the cut-off date. Always best to call and discuss with us before loading up your items.

To find out more specific details about what we will and won’t accept, please check out this informative flier (also available at the Sparta Office Location) or call Val Jones, Auction Coordinator, at 618-268-1090.

Click here for Items Wanted-Guidelines

For more information on consigning in our auctions please call our office at 618-473-2500. Click here to check out our 2023 March Consignment Auction.