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Hemp and Cannabis in Today’s Agriculture

Last week Brad and Brenda Chandler had the opportunity to take a class hosted by Missouri REALTORS® Land Institute (RLI). They learned about Industrial Hemp and its Impacts on Real Estate from Kirk Goble.  Mr. Globe is the owner/broker of The Bell 5 Land Company and gave a detailed presentation on the history of cannabis in the U.S., how hemp will affect agriculture, and the investment opportunities for the hemp industry.
Hemp or Cannabis has been around for hundreds of years – it has been found in items such as clothing, ropes, and paper dating back to 8,000 BCE. Very forward-thinking historical figures saw the value in hemp and used it in many different products.

Early drafts of The Declaration of Independence were found on hemp paper.
The oil from the hemp seed was used in household lamps in 1840 by Abraham Lincoln.
Henry Ford built an experimental car body made with hemp fiber, [ ]

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