Randolph County Road District One – Auction

You might have see the following in the paper –
“Randolph County Road District One will be offering items at an online consignment auction starting September 3rd at 4 pm and ending on September 14th at 10am. Auction items include multiple class B trucks, one ton trucks, tractors, mowers and a wide variety of other equipment and construction supplies. Items can be viewed at the Randolph County Road District One shop located at 10312 Schuline Road, Sparta, IL 62286. Preview times will be from 8am till 3pm Monday through Thursday.
Bidding can be done online at propertypeddleraucion.com, by phone at 877-473-2018 or in person at the Property Peddler office located at 1811 N Market St, Sparta, IL 62286. Each item will be given a specific lot number and all items will be roped off for easy viewing. Some items are still in use but will be available for viewing. Descriptions of the items will be posted on propertypeddlerauction.com or you can call 618-774-2215 for more information.
Thank you for your interest – Kyle Hess, Randolph County Road District One Commissioner”
List of items to come